Keeping Safety Stock of Post Mortem Bags for your Facility

Unpredicted events are a fact of life. So, when it comes to inventory management of post mortem bags, safety stock helps fill the gap if cycle stock is insufficient. The task to maintain the safety stock of post mortem bags includes the calculation of the appropriate amount so that there’s enough to cover all situations without stressing the storage area of the working capital budget. 

What is Safety Stock? 

According to expert’s studies, safety stock is carried to protect against forecast eros and fluctuations in demand or supply. This kind of stock, also referred to as buffer stock or reserve stock, is intended to decrease the frequency of stockouts and, in turn, allow companies to offer better customer service. However, deciding the exact safety stock of post mortem bags should be slightly more reliable because it relies on supply and demand variability. 

Reasons to Maintain Safety Stock of Post Mortem Bags

  • It protects against unpredictable variations in supply. For instance, if your supplier is suddenly closed for a week or a disruption of your order in transit, you can’t afford to waste time. That’s when you can fulfill orders to your customs with well-maintained safety stock of post mortem bags. 
  • The safety stock of post mortem bags aims to ensure your customers’ service levels stay at par and your supply chain operates smoothly. When you keep safety stock for your facility, your employees don’t need to run around trying to continuously locate or reorder post mortem bags as they’re busy fulfilling orders. 
  • Another reason to keep safety stock is to keep your customers satisfied and happy. You can avoid stockouts to control the flow of your customer service and satisfaction high. 

Experts at AIC believe safety stock management is vital in being a retailer and a manufacturer. It helps to reduce the chance of stockouts, leading to unhappy customers, inefficiency, and lastly, lost sales. 

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