Biological waste disposal

Correct use of sample/ 95kPa bags, are you doing it right?

In all aspects of biosafety management, the treatment of infectious waste is a key link in controlling laboratory biosafety. How to reduce the impact of waste on the environment has become an issue of great concern to local governments, environmental protection and related scientific researchers.

According to regulations, biological laboratory waste must undergo strict harmless treatment. At present, the most commonly used and effective treatment method in laboratories is high-pressure steam sterilization (or pulsating vacuum sterilization), that is, the temperature is 121°C or 132°C and the time is 20 to 30 minutes, which can achieve the ideal sterilization effect.

In the process of harmless treatment, it is usually necessary to use high-pressure sterilization bags to contain biological waste and then put it into the sterilization pot. Our sample bags are made of different materials and special processes. They are suitable for moist heat sterilization at various temperatures. They are easy to access, eye-catching in color, and easy to identify. It is used to hold discarded petri dishes, culture bottles, tubes, tips, pipettes, positive samples and other laboratory equipment and consumables after biological experiments, and discard them after sterilization, which greatly reduces potential biological hazards and provides you with Create a safe and hygienic working environment and promote safety and environmental protection.

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