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Black sponge Medical Specimen Box For Sample Transportation And Packaging


The 95kPa AI650 liquid-tight specimen transport bag is designed to withstand, without leakage 95kPa which meet IATA requirements for shipping hazardous liquids on air transport. All 95kPa bags are made with a custom film structure that features a strong adhesive closure and continuous seal, which makes it ideal for critical liquid and substance containment.

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Detailed Description

Flow Cytometry / Molecular Pathology Collection and Transport Kit

This transport kit features all the necessary devices used to collect tissue and blood for pathology

testing. To ensure safe transport, all supplies are placed into appropriate cushioning material with

an absorbent pad and secondary leak resistant bag. The kit can be placed inside a carrier shipping

envelope with attached air waybill.

IATA Compliant kit is approved for air transport

Flow Cytometry / Molecular Pathology Collection/ Transport kit 30/case

Included:  Black sponge box,Vacuum blood collection tube,Absorbent pouch

Absorbent paper,Absorbent pad,Ice bag,95Kpa bag,

1. Black sponge box 

There are two standards, British Standard and American Standard. In recent years, some customers

have required Canadian standards. The specific parameters are as follows.

Fire resistance: When the sponge burns, it will not generate an open flame.

Water resistance: closed cell structure, good water absorption.

Corrosion resistance: Corrosion resistance to seawater, grease, acid, alkali and other chemicals,

antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free.

Anti-vibration: high resilience and tensile strength, strong toughness, and good shock / buffering performance.

Thermal insulation: excellent heat insulation, cold insulation and low temperature performance,

can withstand severe cold and exposure.

2. Vacuum blood collection tube:Red Cap-(Common Serum Tube),Orange Red Head Cover-(Quick Serum Tube)

Golden head cap-(inert separation gel accelerating tube),Green Head Cover-(Heparin Anticoagulation Tube)

Light green head cap-(plasma separation tube),Purple Head Cover-(EDTA Anticoagulation Tube)

Light blue head cap-(Sodium citrate coagulation test tube)

3. absorbent paper:The main component of absorbent paper is fiber, and the fiber is a natural organic

polymer compound. The fibers in the paper are staggered into a network, and there are many voids in it.

Water can generate capillary effects through these voids, so it can retain moisture to a large extent.

4. absorbent pad:The absorbent pad is mainly composed of wood pulp or polyester cotton and sheath (PET + PE).

Main performance: liquid absorption / mass ratio of absorption pad: greater than 13. Liquid absorption

time is less than 10s. The product is sterile.

5. Ice bag:Biological ice pack is a kind of biological product. It is used to refrigerate items and keep

its low temperature. For aviation, it is forbidden to use dry ice, but it must be used. Ultra-low temperature

dry ice technology ice pack in ℃ temperature range. The product has obvious advantages such as being

able to be used on the aircraft, low cost for repeated use, and can be used where there is a refrigerator.

It surpasses dry ice in many aspects such as use cost, safety and convenience, which has changed the

process of low-temperature aviation distribution. The prohibition on the use of dry ice, but also the

embarrassing situation of having to use dry ice.vaccines, toxoids, immunological preparations, insulin,

erum, etc. Biological vaccines must be kept cold during all aspects of storage, transportation and use

Because biological vaccines are sensitive to temperature, from the biological vaccine manufacturing

department to the site of vaccine use Every link between them may fail due to high temperature.

In order to ensure that the vaccine used in planned immunization has proper refrigeration equipmen

throughout the entire process from production, storage, transportation, distribution to use, so that

the vaccine is always kept under the prescribed cold storage state, and the reasonable titer of the

vaccine is not damaged. The advent of refrigerated ice packs has changed this problem.

 Features and facts

AppearanceWhite paper + see-through poly film
Size of the 4 slotted pocket sleeve (4 bay sleeve)L 191 x W 170 mm (+/-5mm)
Internal Size of each bayL 150mm x W 40mm (+/-1mm)
Maximum diameter of the tube that each bay can accommodateOD 25mm
Minimum Absorbent Capacity (by normal saline, 25 ºC)320 ml
Packing2400 sleeves per outer carton
Humidity RangeKeep in a cool and dry place
Sunlight EffectKeep away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light

1. These pressure bags are made with a custom film structure that features a strong adhesive closure
and continuous seal, which makes it ideal for critical liquid and substance containment. The permanent
adhesive closure withstands a temperature range of -40⁰C up to +55⁰C (-40⁰F up to +130⁰F).
2. Take the guesswork out of packaging, protecting and shipping four inner containers of your hazmat
materials in one box with AI 650’s 4GV Packaging Kits. These UN-certified, Variation Two shippers are
suitable for shipping hazardous liquids or solids in Packing Groups I, II and III by any mode of transportation.
They can accommodate your own glass or plastic bottles which must pass hydrostatic pressure tests to
meet ISTA Procedure 1A when shipping by air. These kits include everything you need to protect your
containers’ internal contents, such as absorbent pouches, fiberboard insert, fiberboard pads, ties,
pressure-sensitive tape and a 4GV corrugated outer box. Available in two sizes, you can ship either
four 8-oz. or four 1L containers. Save yourself time and avoid packaging errors and compliance issues
when shipping four inner containers of hazardous materials by using one of these all-inclusive 4GV
packaging kits.
3. It is suitable for transport packaging of pipes, bottles, containers or some samples with potential infectious
sources to the laboratory. This series of products received 95KPa pressure and leakage test in the temperature
range of -40 ° C to +50 ° C;
4. Specimen transport bags are liquid tight and tamper evident. The patented adhesive closure and continuous
seal meet or exceed standards of all major air carriers and DOT. Polyethylene construction and adhesive
closure provides added security during handling by personnel.
5. How to Close The Shipping Bag Properly
Specimen shipping bags in this carton are designed to perform at high internal pressure, should an airliner
lose its cabin pressure. So, in order for the bag to be effective and perform to its design capabilities, the
bag must be closed properly after insertion of the specimen