Correct use of 95kPa autoclave bags

Biological waste treatment – the correct use of 95kPa autoclave bags, are you doing it right?

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According to regulations, biological laboratory waste must undergo strict harmless treatment. At present, the most commonly used and effective treatment method in laboratories is high-pressure steam sterilization (or pulsating vacuum sterilization), that is, the temperature is 121°C or 132°C and the time is 20 to 30 minutes, which can achieve the ideal sterilization effect.

The sample to be sterilized cannot be filled too full, otherwise the pressure inside and outside the bag will be too great during the sterilization process, and the sterilization bag will easily burst.

The bag mouth should not be completely sealed. If it is knotted or tied too tightly, steam will not be able to enter and the ideal sterilization effect will not be achieved. Also, complete sealing will cause excessive pressure in the bag, which may easily burst and cause danger.

Appropriate measures should be taken for sharp objects or a suitable series of sterilization bags should be selected to avoid leakage due to puncture of the bag and contamination of the interior of the sterilization pot.

It is forbidden to contain acid and alkali positive samples in the sterilization bag to avoid corrosion of the sterilization bag and causing the bag to rupture.

The high-pressure sterilization bag is prohibited from directly contacting the inside of the sterilization pot.

If sterilizing experimental instruments that need to be reused, it is recommended to choose transparent or translucent colors for high-pressure sterilization bags.

When using autoclave bags with sterilization instructions (PrintInk® ink type), be careful not to exceed the expiration date of the product.

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