95kPa Bags


The 95kPa AI650 liquid-tight specimen transport bag is designed to withstand, without leakage 95kPa which meet IATA requirements for shipping hazardous liquids on air transport. All 95kPa bags are made with a custom film structure that features a strong adhesive closure and continuous seal, which makes it ideal for critical liquid and substance containment.

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Detailed Description

Dailed Description:

Multiuse Halloween :halloween ziplock bags for candy. Biowaste bag for small specimen. Small biohazard bags for sanitary napkin disposal bags
Convenient : sample bags with medical ziplock bags closure and contains 4/7slod absorbent pad. Perfect used for feminine hygiene disposal bags
Specimen biohazard : cooler bag contains 3-wall construction that keeps paperwork and specimen separate. Biohazard figures visible biohazard tag.
Removable : biohazard symbol allows the bio zip bags to be disposed with regular waste. Sizes bio bag medium and bio hazard bags small
Suitable : Specimen biohazard containers are used to contain and transport medical lab samples safely and securely. Perfect to transport specimen cups.
Industrial Use:Medicine, Sickness
Material Structure:PET/PE
Sealing & Handle:Zipper Top
Printing:Customized Printing
Surface Handling:Gravure printing
Use:Liquid, Other MedIcine
AppearanceWhite paper + see-through poly film
Size of the 4 slotted pocket sleeve (4 bay sleeve)L 191 x W 170 mm (+/-5mm)
Internal Size of each bayL 150mm x W 40mm (+/-1mm)
Maximum diameter of the tube that each bay can accommodateOD 25mm
Minimum Absorbent Capacity (by normal saline, 25 ºC)320 ml
Packing2400 sleeves per outer carton
Humidity RangeKeep in a cool and dry place
Sunlight EffectKeep away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light

· These extra durable bags never, ever rip open accidentally.
· Zip locking seal liquid-tight closure against contamination or compromising the bag contents.
· Conform to specimen handling guidelines for secondary containment.
· Printed “Biohazard” to label potential medical hazardous contents.
· Zip-style bags have the separate document pouch in the back, which can use to put the label.