USP 800 and Hazardous Drug Bags

Hazardous drugs are those that are harmful to human health and are poisonous in nature. To avoid any harm to workers who come into contact with the medications, they must be properly stored and managed. These drugs must be stored so that they do not spill or break when they fall. Storage of these drugs must meet relevant safety precautions in places prone to specific types of natural catastrophes such as earthquakes.

Storage of Hazardous Drugs

To store these drugs, USP 800 and hazardous drug bags are used. These bags establish guidelines for the safe handling of hazardous medications in order to reduce the risk of harm to healthcare workers, patients, and the environment. These hazardous medicine bags are created to help you optimize your pharmacy’s operations. The clear bags have a black and yellow design on the inside and are inner packed by the hundreds.

Why should you opt for USP 800 and Hazardous Drug Bags?

USP 800 outlines criteria for workers handling hazardous pharmaceuticals and facility and engineering controls, deactivation, decontamination, cleaning procedures, spill management, and recordkeeping. Specially designed hazardous medication bags must be used to guarantee the safety of those who come into contact with hazardous substances. Before entering the hazardous drugs handling areas, hazard signs must be conspicuously displayed. Additionally, signs limiting access to locations where hazardous drug spills occur must be provided.

Where can you find these bags?

USP 800 storage bags with a caution dangerous drug message are available at Action Health that are suitable for assisting in the communication of the message. These bags also aid in the designation and identification of potentially hazardous drug storage places. Apart from this, Action Health offers a variety of impervious plastic chemo and hazardous drug transport bags to help with arrival and internal transfer safety. The bags’ printing aids in extra handling considerations and are used in almost every aspect of pharmaceutical operations.

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