How to Measure a Reclosable Zip Bag?

Almost every business today uses reclosable zip bags in one way or another. Whether it’s the commercial, medical, residential, or industrial sector, you can be assured that a reclosable zip bag is being used. Usually, you may wonder what thickness plastic zip lock bags do you need? Although, there is no exact answer to this question as it differs from application to application. That’s why you must measure a reclosable zip bag before using it for your purpose. Usually, bags are measured and communicated in inches as width first, then by length.

Ways to Measure a Reclosable Zip Bag

Selecting the right size of resealable zip bag is easy if you follow these tips:

  • First, know the size of the content that you’re planning to put in the bag.
  • Then, measure the inside of the zip bag side to side for the accurate measurement of the width.
  • Next, ensure to measure the length of the bag from the zipper to the bottom of the back.

Keep in mind that the side of the zip bag that opens is referred to as the width dimension. Moreover, the reclosable zip bags are always measured by the inside usable dimension, without the zipper included in the overall measurements.

To fit oversized, rigid products through the opening, you can add half an inch to the width of your content. If it’s a slider lock, you can add one and a half inches. For bulky products or a lost fit, ensure to add up to two inches to both dimensions (length and width).

In Conclusion

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