What are Plastic Bags made out of?

Generally, plastic bags are crafted from an omnipresent polymer material called polyethylene. It starts as ethylene, widely drawn from natural gases, then treated to become the polymer, creating long chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms. However, these chains can differ based on what kind of polyethylene is being utilized, but they all help create multiple types of plastic bags.

HDPE Plastic: It stands for high-density polyethylene, and is the most widely used type of polyethylene to create shopping bags. It is crafted directly from straight molecule chains that branch tiny, staying liener from start to end. This linear structure makes a robust material, which is why the standard grocery bag is lightweight yet can hold multiple items without tearing.

LDPE Plastic: It is crafted from low density, branching chains of polymer substances. These polyethylene chains, instead of staying liner, outstretched in several different blending lines. Thus, it creates a very light, almost filmlike plastic that is utilized to make the tear-away bags dry cleaners employ for wrapping cleaned clothes.

LLDPE Plastic: It is referred to linear low density polyethylene, such plastics don’t branch, but also don’t have the similar strength as HDPE types. It means that shopping bags made from LLDPE plastics need to be heavier and thicker than traditional grocery bags. Moreover, these shiny bags utilized in clothing stores are a typical example of bags made from this substance.

In conclusion

Even though plastic shopping bags are recyclable, they can’t be recreated into an organic state. It means once made, they must remain as a synthetic material for the rest of its life. So, if you’re looking for a top quality yet affordable plastic bag for any purpose, check out the collection available at Action Health, as they are known to offer some of the best available bags.

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