Types of Specimen Bags

Specimen bags find an extensive variety of usage in multiples areas. They are widely used in hospitals and healthcare centers to store samples, belongings, etc. Specimen bags can be bought in various colors, thicknesses, strengths, and sizes. The type of specimen bag you choose depends on the kind of purpose it is required to service. You can also select various types of closures for the bag or include any other customization that you require.

Some of the commonly used types of specimen bags are included below-

95kPa Specimen Transport Bags

If you require to store biohazardous material, it is best to go with this type of specimen bag. Along with being sturdy and durable, it also comes with a biohazard warning on the top of the bag that makes the handling safer and more cautious.

AIC Tamper Evident Specimen Bags

This type of bag has an additional pouch as well as tamper-evident packaging. Such bags are highly suitable to ensure the safety and integrity of the material stored in the bag.

AIC Red/Orange Imprint Specimen Bags

These leakage-proof bags are available in two color variants- red and orange. The bag had a dual pouch design along with special instructions on how to handle the contents of the bag.

AIC Color Zipper Specimen Bags

These clear bags are provided with varying zipper colors. These bags make storage more manageable and accessible.

AIC Clear Specimen Bags

These clear specimen bags are used for efficient storage and transportation. The content of the bags are visible and can help in easily identifying or accessing the contents.

These bags can be custom-made to fit the specific requirements of an institution. Some facilities use the specimen bags to promote themselves, while others choose to include additional storage for documents, record cards, etc.

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