Types of Econo-Zip Reclosable Bags

Reclosable bags occupy a remarkable position in the packaging industry. They have a variety of applications based on their size, strength, and other features. Econo-Zip Reclosable Bags also find significant usage in the medical field to store important items. 

The benefits that have made these zip-lock bags ubiquitous include- 

  • They store content securely. 
  • The bags can be opened and closed without any effect on the sealing capability. 
  • They are cost-effective. 
  • Bags are compact and can be used for storing items conveniently. 
  • The clear display adds to the accessibility of the bags.
  • The products are free from contamination. 
  • They can protect light-sensitive material from getting damaged.

Available in various types

Owing to their vast usage, these bags are available in various types. These types vary in strength, durability, size, and other features. You can buy these bags in bulk to ease storage and transportation. Some of the most common types of zip-lock bags available include- 

  1. Zip Bags- These bags are simple and low-cost. There are no side seams to provide maximum storage space inside the bags.
  2. White Block Zip Bags- These bags have an added write-on area that makes categorizing easier and can be written up using any pen, pencil, marker, etc.
  3. Hang Hole Zip Bags- These bags can protect light-sensitive content. 
  4. Handle Zip Bags- These bags are extremely accessible as they are provided with a handle.
  5. Zip Bags with Dispenser Pack- This dispenser pack has several inner packs and is a cost-effective packaging option. 

At Action Health, you can buy any of these bags of varying strength and durability i.e., 2-Mil, 4-Mil, and 6-Mil. The application would determine which zip reclosable bag would be the most suitable. You can find an extensive variety of cost-effective options in these reclosable bags that make your life significantly easier.

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