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As the holidays approach, proper hygiene is critical to helping healthcare workers and patients stay safe in healthcare settings. Infection rates tend to rise during the winter due to cooler temperatures, drier air and increased indoor activity.

National Handwashing Awareness Week aims to educate individuals on proper handwashing techniques and the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene.

Pay attention to hand washing

Every day, 1 in 31 hospital patients are affected by a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, handwashing is the most important step to prevent the spread of germs. Given the seasonal increase in hospital visits during the winter, it is even more important that healthcare facilities prioritize proper hygiene practices and adhere to recommended protocols.

While the concept of hand washing may seem simple, there are some misconceptions to consider:

Myth: Hot water kills germs more effectively than cold water.

Fact: Water temperature does not play a significant role in removing bacteria. That’s where soap comes in, and it works just as well with cold water as it does with hot water.

Myth: It doesn’t matter how long you wash your hands, as long as you use soap.

Fact: The amount of time you wash your hands is critical. The CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, the equivalent of singing “Happy Birthday” twice, and making sure to scrub thoroughly, including under your fingernails.
Myth: Wearing gloves eliminates the need to wash hands.

Fact: Gloves can become contaminated with bacteria when they come into contact with surfaces. If bacteria are present on the outer surface of the glove, the bacteria may be transferred to the hands after the gloves are removed.

This holiday season, healthcare providers must prioritize sanitation and ensure facilities have access to high-quality products. Promoting a safe and healthy holiday season requires a collaborative effort among dealers, healthcare providers and the community, allowing us to make a significant impact on adopting proper hygiene practices.

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