Gusseted Bags vs. Non gusseted bags

Have you ever thought about how some bags stand up straight like a sturdy independent person, whereas some different types of bags fall down or slump as if they lack structure? Well, it’s actually the absence of a gusset in the bag that leads to the poor functional performance. 

Gusseted Bags 

  • A gusset is an additional piece of fabric that adds more space to a bag. It is also utilized to offer extra strength to a bag. Generally, gusseted bags have extended sides or bottom, letting more fillable space when opened. 
  • In order to improve the product-to-package ratio, gusseted bags and pouches are perfect options to choose from. Compared to lay-flat bags, these bags increase filling volume and can hold an increased amount of weight. 
  • Mostly, everyone wants to have sturdy bags even when empty without compromising on their ability to change into space savers on folding. That’s exactly what a gusseted bag delivers, which makes it a better option! 
  • Additionally, gusset bags are an approved stand-up packaging option for most brands that want more space to show their product’s unique features. 

Non Gusseted Bags

  • Generally speaking, these bags have less structure and can’t stand upright on their own and won’t contract or expand based on items kept inside. 
  • The prime example of non gusseted bags is flat tote bags widely available in the current market.

If you plan to invest in a bag, look to buy a gusset bag for durability and reliability. At AIC, you can find affordable and good quality gusseted bags as per your requirement.

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