95 kPa Medical Sample Safety Transport Bag

Brand: ai650 95 kPa Sample Transport Bag

It is used to transport UN3373 specimens, which are Class B infectious specimens. It is the second layer of packaging for specimens sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for inspection.

Type B sample transport bags are not ordinary sample transport bags. They are pressure-resistant sealed bags with a compression resistance index of 95 kPa, which is equivalent to the weight of one atmospheric pressure.

Product Application: 95kPa Sample Security Transport Seal Bags are used for transporting Class B biological substances (UN3373) by road or air. To ensure the safe and compliant storage and transport of diagnostic and clinical samples, infectious and hazardous materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and environmental samples.

Product Features: Can withstand 95kPa pressure after sealing. Independent test and verification report attached. File bag sealed with permanent adhesive. Can withstand temperature range -40°C~55°C (-40°F~+130°F). Safe per set. The transport bag contains a seven-port medical and biochemical sample safety absorption bag.

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